Great First Date Ideas

Meeting someone for that first date can be an intimidating experience. you have very little knowledge about their personality other than what an acquaintance has told or (in this day and age) what you have discovered on the Internet. In fact, even if the first date was as a result of a brief first meeting in person it is unlikely that you will have intimate knowledge of the personality quirks – or even the areas of interest of that potential partner.

The decisions that you will have to make also can raise stress levels. Do you dress up or down, do you pay for the meal, do you pick her up?

So it’s essential that the first date allows you the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. So if you want to experience that second date – here are some great first date ideas – that avoid the dreaded cliche of meeting up at the local bar for drinks.

Getting to know each other can be as simple as scheduling a picnic in the local park. Each person is responsible for providing some of the picnic essentials such as drinks or snacks. Not only does this avoid the dreaded hours of darkness which some people feel uncomfortable with – but it also saves money, there is no pressure about who is going to pick up the cheque – and it leaves both parties free to simply talk without having to be heard over loud music or having to put up with constant interruptions by wait staff.

Another great idea which furnishes wonderful opportunities for conversation is to split up that first meal date experience. Let each person select three of their best restaurants for starters, main meals, and desert. Pick those out of the hat and enjoy a starter at one restaurant, the main meal at another and finally desert at the third dining destinations. this offers time to get to know the other party and is a great way to simply enjoy the evening.

What about finding out if there is an outdoor theater or movie experience in your town? This works wonderfully in the evening and can be combined with that perfect picnic. It’s not as insular as attending a movie and also provides a great opportunity to chat under the stars.

Your first date experience need not be filled with stress – in fact, it can be fun – and in a relaxed environment, you might just make that connection that you are looking for.