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My First Time: A Scarleteen Promotion


I've written before about how Heather Corinna is one of my heroes of the Internetz.  Almost single-handedly, she created and has maintained Scarleteen, the single finest internet resource for teens to learn about sex, either queer or straight, without learning gobs and gobs of garbage about Virginity or Marriage is the one and only way.  Scarleteen is essential for anyone who gives a shit about sex or about teens, and it behooves all of us to make sure that it and Heather are in good shape. 

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Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Competition

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, the famed Good Vibrations has this rather cool call for submissions:

Good Vibrations, the legendary destination for sex-positive products, announces The Second Annual Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Competition.

Submit your erotic-themed film to our Amateur Erotica Film Competition and you may end up a star!

Submissions must be 10 minutes or less. All participates in the film must be over 18 (we require a 2257 form), and you must reside in one of the seven major Bay Area counties. Submit your film in mini DV, VHS or DVD format. For all of the official Rules and Regulations visit here.

The top winning entries will be shown on the big screen of the Castro Theatre on October 11, 2007.

The deadline to submit your entry in Store or at our office is September 21, 2007. Mail to:
938 Howard Street Suite 101
San Francisco, CA 94103
Attention: Camilla

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You have no idea who you’re talking to


I put feminist bumper stickers on my asshole neighbor's redneck pickup truck photo

I made a new acquaintance the other day. I had seen her before. She’s a lesbian. We have some of the same friends and we travel in some of the same circles.

One common theme that comes up often in some of these circles is how straight men are assholes. And it’s true that a lot of them are assholes. But not all of them. Straight people. The topic comes up so often in the women’s community. It seems acceptable to complain about the straights. Like it’s a topic we all can agree on. We should all be able to commiserate about how horrible the straight people are. Especially those clueless straight men who just don’t get it.

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God Hates Fags -- Even the Dead Ones.

For the ultimate in Christian love and compassion we hie ourselves down to the great state of Texas.  Arlington, specifically.  The local megachurch, High Point Church, run by the Reverend Gary Simons.  When Cecil Sinclair, a Gulf War veteran and the brother of High Point congregation member died last Monday, the church volunteered to host a memorial service, complete with refreshments for 100 people and a multimedia presentation showing the deceased's life.

Everything sounds good so far.  Except for that multimedia presentation.  Turns out that Cecil was a big ol' homo, and the photos the family picked for the multimedia presentation showed that.  In glossy, high-def color.  Or in the words of the Rev. Simons: "Some of those photos had very strong homosexual images of kissing and hugging.... My ministry associates were taken aback."

And once they saw those images, the church told the bereaved parents to go take a flying fuck at the moon.  Or, to put it more diplomatically and charitably, that the family would have to have the service somewhere else.

The Rev. Simons explains his decision thus:

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Kissing Michelle Vitt

Michelle Vitt, Local Non-KisserMichelle Vitt looks happy enough. She’s pretty in the picture of her in today’s Jacksonville Daily News. Sitting in the Starbuck’s there on Western Blvd., in her Abercrombie T-shirt, pretty smile, lovely cheeks, cell phone and keys on the table next to her frozen coffee drink, you might think she’s just your average American college age girl. But Hope Hodge of the Daily News Staff tells us there’s something very atypical about Michelle that you can’t see in that photograph, or even in person.

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Bus Passenger Booted for Big Boobs

It sounds like the Germans need to get their bus drivers laid. Or at least they need to get ready for a shitload of harassment suits if this is how they treat their passengers:

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Hairspray: "Not Gay," Travolta says

Travolta says "Hairspray" isn't a gay film

No, really. Straight from the horse's mouth.  According to Travolta, the gay activists who are pissed that an advocate of a homophobic religion (Scientology) is playing a gay icon have got it all wrong, because Hairspray isn't about gayness. Seriously. It says so:

"There is nothing gay in this movie," Travolta told the London Times on-line. "I'm not playing a gay man." Besides, the actor insists, Scientology isn't anti-gay, despite numerous reports that it seeks to "cure" homosexuality.

 A dissenting, view, however, may be had from Paul the Spud over at Shakesville:

Hairspray is gayer than a leather daddy singing “I Will Survive” at Karaoke night at The Manhole.

Just shut up and collect your paycheck, Travolta. You’re not worthy to wear Divine’s tits. Go release a thetan and shut the fuck up.

Anarchist Kink

A few days ago, on her blog, the inimitable Mistress Matisse described her and her partner's BDSM play as "anarchist kink," meaning the typical dom/sub hierarchies don't really apply in their play. (Things are different with her clients, I'm sure.) In other words, as she writes, they switch a lot and are very kinky. Later she posted some video of some friends of hers that "take it to another level."

So, what do you think of anarchist kink as a concept? Some would say BDSM is anarchistic by nature, or at minimum subversive, a obvious rebuke to traditional social institutions and mores. Those who try BDSM realize that it's actually incredibly formal, as freaksexual has written, a level of intense formalization that says a lot about power in society and raises interesting questions about consensual power play.

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Portland Oregon TriMet Gives Kissing Girls The Boot

Maika and Jocelyn

Two fourteen year old girls were kicked off a public bus in Portland, Oregon because they were kissing, and some nut-job complained. Just to add insult to injury, the driver called them "sickos".

Via Portland TV station KATU:

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Old-School Homophobia

Boys Beware!
A Film by Sid Davis


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