Another reason to dislike New Labour (without mentioning Jacqui Smith)

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The extreme porn law comes into effect today. Click here for the details

  • It's based on an understanding (developed in the 40s and 50s) that suggests the media acts like a hypordermic needle, injecting messages into a passive audience.
  • It is based upon the premise that pornography has more to do with rape than the actual scumbag himself.
  • It neglects to acknowledge that the case on which it was based (Jane Longhurst's murder) was actually a great deal more complex than Labour gave it credit for; with regard to the Longhurst case, Graham Coutts's fascination with asphixiation began years before he began to download the materials found on his computer, in fact he didn't look at material on the internet til a good 5 years after he discussed his fascination with his GP? Also, not that it really matters to this case apparently, he said himself he wanted to kill women since he was 15, even seeking psychiatric treatment, believing his thoughts would one day lead to criminal actions, 12 years before the murder. But whatever, extreme pornography killed Jane Longhurst.
  • What does this mean? Here's the long version, and here's the short: You watch porn of adults consenting to violent or apparently violent sexual acts and you, my friend, are a crim.

Labour for the win! So yeah, destroy your kinky porn my criminally perverted friends, Jacqui's watching!


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