OutHistory.org Needs Your Help!

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OutHistory.org is an educational web site on LBGT history developed by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS) at the

City University of New York Graduate Center . Part archive, part museum, part encyclopedia, it is a rare resource in that it makes scholarship on LGBT history widely accessible outside of academic journals. 

This very important project needs your help. Please make a donation if you can! Because of the economic crisis and its impact on public higher education in New York, CLAGS  can't continue funding the project, and the grant that established OutHistory expires on December 31, 2008. In an email sent out today by CLAGS director Sarah Chinn and OutHistory director Ned Katz, the importance of the site and its need for funding is put like this: Continue reading after the jump

OutHistory publishes articles by renowned scholars in the field of LGBT history. It aims to distribute reliable work on LGBT history to a bigger and more varied audience than ever before.

But most innovatively, OutHistory is an experiment in LGBT history by the LGBT community. Using Wikipedia-style software, the site encourages anyone with data, documents, and citations to create open, collaborative entries. For example, community members are encouraged to create entries recording the local LGBT history of their village, town, or city.

OutHistory needs time to catch on. Teachers, students, historians, and the public are just now hearing about OutHistory.

Their Goal?

$20,000 for OutHistory in 2009

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies needs $20,000 to  keep OutHistory.org alive and developing in 2009.

OutHistory.org will go on making history if  2000 people give $10, if 1000 give $20, if 320 give $62.50, if 160 give $125, if 80 give $250.

OutHistory is asking members of the community to donate as much as they can, and every size donation is welcome. Contributions to CLAGS for OutHistory.org are tax deductible. CLAGS is an institute at the City University of New York Graduate Center.

Donatations can be made on line at OutHistory.org:  http://www.outhistory.org/wiki/Donate#DONATE_ONLINE

Donations can also be made by mail. Donors are asked to mark their donations “forOutHistory.org” and to send them to CLAGS, Room 7115, Graduate Center, City University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016-4309.

In your end-of-year giving please consider OutHistory. Even a small donation can help keep this project going, making sure that LGBT history is accessible to everyone. And please let your friends know about OutHistory, its important contribution to the sex commons (and the history commons!), and its need for support.