A very cool condom campaign aimed at teens ... and Congress!

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AFY Inner Peace condom cardThanks to Feministing I learned about Condom Awareness Week before the week was quite over. In any case, as a result of that post I surfed over to the Advocates for Youth condom campaign page where they've got lots of great "e-cards" promoting condom use. This is one of my favorites, but click here to see the whole page. Send one to someone you love!

In fact, what a great way to start that safer sex conversation you've been meaning to have!

Also, click here for their "Rights. Respect. Responsibility." Condom Art Contest, whose mission is:

to normalize discussion about safer sex, to provide science-based information about the effectiveness of condoms, and to increase partner communication about using condoms for those who are sexually active.

Certainly that's a mission we support here!

And here is a page of links to stories by teens about buying condoms, using them, and about the need for self-protection.

Bug Repellant condom card Hey, while you're at it, why not forward some of this information to a teen you care about. If you're a parent (or a grandparent, or an aunt or uncle or older sibling) who has been trying to figure out how to start that safe sex conversation, what better way than with a e-card showing centipede made of brightly colored condoms (caption reads: "Bug Repellant") and a note that says "by the way, there's been something I've been hoping we could talk about..."

And while we're sending e-cards, maybe we each ought to send a bunch to the folks in Washington who would rather we have abstinance-only non-education instead of comprehensive sexual health education. Advocates for Youth asks people to "help stop the war on condoms," and their own cards provide the perfect message. Here's one I think might be especially appropriate to send to the White House. Click here to find your elected representatives or use the Contact Congress button on the left sidebar!