The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health Applies for Special Use Permit

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Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health logoMegan Andelloux and the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health have not given up in their efforts to provide medically accurate information about sexuality to the residents of Pawtucket, RI and surrounding communities.

The CSPH, if allowed to open, will make an invaluable contribution to improve the quality of life in Pawtucket and surrounding areas. Specifically, its mission is to educate adults about sexuality so that they can enjoy sexual pleasure in ways that also protect (and even improve) their own health and the health of their partners. By extension such an organization protects the health of families and communities.

I sincerely hope that the zoning board will approve CSPH's application for a special-use permit that will allow it to do educational work in a space zoned for commercial use. The fact that CSPH is not going to be a commercial enterprise should not be held against it!

What follows below is the press release that Megan sent a few days ago. Please read it, retweet or repost it, and if you can show her your support please do!

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health Applies for Special Use Permit

Contact Person: Megan Andelloux @ 401-345-8685

Pawtucket, RI January 20, 2010 – The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH), the first non-profit sexuality resource and information center on the East Coast, is set to go before the appeal board again on January 25th at 6:30 pm.  This time, the owner is seeking a special use permit in order to open The CSPH doors.

Megan Andelloux, the director of the non-profit Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, is a board certified sexologist and sexuality educator who wants to provide the adult community with a safe place to access information about sexuality issues.

The CSPH was not permitted to open as planned in September due to official furor over the lack of “educational business” zoning in The Grant Building in downtown Pawtucket.  In December, the zoning board chose to uphold the zoning decision as being right and sound, stressing that they could not allow an educational business to set up shop in The Grant Building as the laws are currently written.

However, at the same board of appeals meeting where The CSPH was denied license to operate, the zoning board unanimously approved a yoga studio to operate as “educational business” just next door.  This yoga studio is located in the same type of mixed-use building as The Grant Building.  Due to the statements of support made by members of the zoning board of appeals who approved a “variance” or exemption from existing laws for the Yoga based educational business it is possible that the zoning board will finally give approval to The CSPH to operate.

  Conservatives, liberal and libertarian news media from RI to across the country have all been supportive of the existence of the CSPH; agreeing that the location and the presentation are appropriate for the environment it is currently housed in. Neighbors of The CSPH housed petitions requesting the center to be able to open. Not one person spoke out against The CSPH opening at the December zoning board meeting. 

The Appeal Board meeting will take place in the Monday, January 25th, at the Pawtucket City Hall on the 3rd floor in the City Council Chambers at 6:30pm.  The meeting is open to interested members of the public.