"Doing it Decent" answers your questions about sexual ethics

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There are lots of sex advice columns out there. Most deal with practical, technical, emotional and idenity-related questions about sex. Now there is a place you can go to get your ethics questions answered. Cory Silverberg, the sexuality guide at About.com launched Doing it Decent, a twice-a-month column that will address your thorny sexual ethics dilemmas.

Here's a peek at the first two questions:

My girlfriend and I both work from home and last Wednesday we took a lunch break to go for a walk in our local park (which I’ll add is usually deserted). I was feeling bored and horny and suggested to my girlfriend that we have sex in an area almost completely hidden by bushes. She didn’t want to and said it was wrong, I think she’s just a prude. Is there anything to her argument?

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My 80-year-old dad (who is losing his hearing) had been visiting with us from out west for a few weeks. One afternoon he and I were in the kitchen and my 18-year-old son was home with his girlfriend. Before I knew it I was hearing them have sex. I was incredibly embarrassed at first because I was sitting there with my dad, but when I realized he wasn’t hearing any of it I just got a bit grossed out. I know my son is sexually active and have always taught him that sex is something wonderful for him to enjoy. But I don’t want to hear him having it and definitely don’t need my father hearing him either! Do you think it’s okay for me to tell him he can’t have sex in the house? Is it hypocritical (after all, my husband and I have sex in the house regularly and did the whole time both my kids lived at home)?

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Do you have a sexual ethics question? Send it to Cory at sexuality.guide@about.com