Kudos to Feministe for their interview with Sienna Baskin of Sex Workers Project

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A while back I was critical of the way that some of the influential feminist bloggers at Feministe and Feministing and Shakesville were proclaiming their love of Bob Herbert writings on sex work. I want to take just a moment to applaud Holly at Feministe for her interview with The Sex Workers Project's Sienna Baskin. The Sex Workers Project, part of the Urban Justice Institute, is an organization I think very highly of especially as a source for sex worker advocacy and solid research on the sex industry. It's a great resource for the press, for policy makers, and for the rest of us.

The interview covers tough questions about decriminalization, prohibition, human rights and harm reduction, and trafficking. It's a good interview, and I'm thrilled to see it on Feministe! Go read it if you can.

Thanks to Stacey Swimme of Bound, Not Gagged, for bringing it to my attention. I'd been buried in work and had gotten behind in my blog reading when I saw her notice about it. (Bound, Not Gagged is one of the blogs I always read first).

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