Tell the candidates and the media to talk about sex like (reasoning, honest, courageous) adults!

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From RH Reality Check, Care2 and The Petition Site:

In the final presidential debate, Senators Obama and McCain debated abortion, sex education and Roe v. Wade. When this important issue comes forward, let's demand that the campaigns and the mainstream media engage the full range of sexual and reproductive health issues and not treat women's reproductive health like a political football. Demand an honest discussion on:

- comprehensive sex ed v. abstinence-only programs,
- contraception and efforts by the far-right to take it away,
- life and health exemptions for mothers with crisis pregnancies,
- U.S. ranking 41st among nations in maternal health,
- high costs of contraception and reproductive health care, especially for unemployed and uninsured, and
- HIV/AIDS and its impact in the US and around the world.

The campaigns and the media should honestly discuss the complexities of sexual and reproductive health and not reduce the topic to abortion soundbites from extremists fanning the flames of the Culture War.

Let's talk about sex like adults, use medical facts and discuss the best public health strategies to give all Americans the tools to lead sexually healthy lives.

We cannot expect sound sex-related policy if we can't have courageous, reasoned, honest conversations about everything connected to sex. If you agree, please click here to sign a petition directed at the presidential candidates and the mainstream media, calling for an educated, evidence-based, and adult conversation about all aspects of sexual health and sexual rights.

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