Pawtucket-area readers: Sex education in RI needs your help

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You may recall that Megan Andelloux's Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health was denied its opening at the Grant building in Pawtucket, RI, because according to the city council's zoning board the building was not zoned for educational purposes. Rebecca Chalker wrote about it here:

Megan is appealing that decision and needs your help.

If you live nearby and can attend the hearing please show your support for nonprofit sex education for adults. The details:

 Time: 630 pmDate: 11/30Where:City Hall, 137 Roosevelt, Pawtucket, RIRoom:  3rd floorCity Council Chamber If you don't live in or near Pawtucket, you can still help! Please tweet, Facebook, or cross post this call where people local to the situation might see it. Megan says: "What I'm looking for.  People to possibly testify, especially if they live near The Grant Building.  There is a chance that people who live/work outside the 200 ft catchment area will be able to testify, but it's not a guarantee.  Even if they can't, having people who bring small signs or talk to the press about why they support The CSPH would be extremely helpful."
 And here is the text of a flyer you can circulate if you want to help: Attention: Your community is being denied access to medically accurate sex information.Let your voice be heard on this issue,
We think adults should be able to access medically accurate sex information. The City of Pawtucket is blocking the opening of a safe, educational environment for adults to learn about themselves, their bodies, and their relationships. Megan Andelloux is a nationally recognized specialist in the area of human sexuality, and not the scary person others want you to think she is. Tell the City your opinion on this issue!    Share/Save