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I have never been a girly-girl. In middle school I never had the right hairstyle or knew how to wear my clothes the way the popular girls did. In high school and college - and since - I have developed my own style of course (perhaps more an anti-style) and while I very much like my image I have certainly never thought of myself as model material. At least not until recently. I must say that having been asked to participate in the Sex Blogger Calendar has changed the way I see myself, at least part of the time.

To put it mildly: I loved doing the photo shoot. I had a blast. I loved being made-up for the camera. I loved having my hair styled. I loved putting on fishnet stockings and high heels and a corset. I loved covering all that up with an incredible tuxedo jacket donated by my long-time mentor and goddess Carol Queen (said donation brokered by her partner and my dear sweet friend Robert Lawrence), and I loved the fact that Kenball, the floor manager-DJ-lights-technician at the Slipper Room said to me, "Are you a burlesque performer? You look familiar." Um. No, I'm not. But boy do I wish I could say "Yes, I am!" A blush and a "thank you" were about what I could manage.

The day started at the Lower East Side Thompson Hotel where Tess and Diva had a room. When I arrived our hair stylist Danny K and Stormy, our makeup artist, were already at work. Danny K was fabulous. The gleam in his eyes when I confessed that not only did I not have any idea what I should do with my hair but that I did not own a hairdryer or a curling iron was priceless. "If I hurt you... pain is beauty" was his mantra and while he didn't hurt me once I was convinced that he would take pleasure in doing so if it would create an extra drop of glamour. He and Stormy worked so well together in such a small space getting so many of us put together that I was sure they'd worked together for years. No. First time. Masters, both of them!

When we were sufficiently done up we walked the block and a half to the Slipper Room where we met Jezebel Express (our stylist and an amazing burlesque performer in her own right), darren Mayhem (photographer's assistant and excellent photographer in her own right) and Stacie Joy, our photographer extraordinaire, who was, indeed, a joy to work with. I have never been comfortable in front of a camera and Stacie made me not eased my discomfort but actually made me feel like I belonged there. She also ran the shoot with such efficience and command that we finished early even though we'd had our time in the space cut short unexpectedly by one hour! You have never seen anybody ride herd so effectively on a bunch of unruly bloggers!

Of course I also felt more comfortable because of the amazing energy generated by those unruly bloggers. There I was with 11 of the most interesting, attractive, and intelligent sex writers and educators in the city, each of us quite different from the others yet committed to the same ideas: that sex is not shameful, that sex workers deserve respect and that individuals acting together can make a difference. I always enjoy talking with Audacia Ray, Jamye Waxman, Tess, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Lux Alptraum, Twanna Hines, people I got to know at Viviane's Perverts' Saloon meetings. A few weeks ago I also got to meet Desiree and Diva when we went shopping for costume pieces. At the shoot I especially enjoyed meeting Mariella and Riese and getting to know Sinclair a bit better.

Some hints at what you will see in the calendar:

  • Twanna in an adorable Marie Antoinnette does Little Miss Muffet get-up. Nobody has a more childlike look of surprise in an adult woman's body!
  • Jamye doing an amazing Wonder Woman interpretation complete with glitter and golden lasso
  • Sinclair , totally rakish with black velvet jacket, pocket watch and cigar. The hat tricks with my spare derby came later.
  • Audacia in a ceramic corset that must be seen to be believed
  • Mariella looking so much like a classic 1940s pin-up girl that you could forget it was 2008
  • Desiree , doing a phenomenal Jessica Rabbit stretched out on the bar

And of course there was so much more, but you really must by the calendar to see it all.

And somehow I felt like I fit in there, in my tuxedo jacket, corset, stockings and heels, pink lipstick and hair all wavy around my face. There was a particularly lovely moment as I was perched on a bar stool and Sinclair rather chivalrously and rakishly at the same time knelt down before me to admire my shoe that I was inspired to place the unfamiliar yet newly exciting high heel just where Sinclair's very butch necktie crossed what I know must be a very strong chest and I stared down the length of my calf and felt a kind of femme thrill that makes me all of a sudden comfortable with these words:



Sex blogger calendar I'm a pin-up girl logo



Want a peek at the newborn pinup?

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No, the image doesn't get bigger, and no it isn't high resolution. It is courtesy of Sinclair and we were forbidden to use flash and it was low light and this is what you can have until you buy the calendar. ;)