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Sex Work Awareness helps sex workers and their allies challenge the way that the mainstream media outlets and prohibitionist writers tell their stories and report on the issues that most directly affect them. Here is a very recent example:

In reaction to the ABC News Ashely Dupre Exclusive Megan at Jezebel wrote this piece applauding recent changes to prostitution law in the UK that will criminalize the buying of sexual services and increase reliance on shaming techniques to try to inhibit demand for prostitution thus increasing the stigma attached to sex work. The new rules troublingly conflate trafficking with prostitution and make it less likely that clients will report suspicions that a worker has been trafficked. The Jezebel piece is full of assumptions about prostitutes, and these are the same assumptions - often fueled by methodologically problematic and heavily biased research - that are used to justify policy changes whose unintended consequences are likely to make things more dangerous, not less dangerous, for women. 

Elizabeth Wood by Stacie Joy Organizations like Sex Work Awareness help sex workers be heard more often, in more places, and with more impact. We need those voices desperately. Help us support Sex Work Awareness by making a $20 donation, for which you will receive our lovely NYC Sex Blogger Calendar. (I'm December -->)

Your entire donation goes directly to SWA because of the generous sponsors who covered the entire cost of producing the calendar.

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