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Feeds by Feedburner

You'll notice new feed icons on the upper left sidebar. I added a Feedburner module this morning and then burned our feeds over at Feedburner. If you've already subscribed you should be redirected automatically, so don't worry. If you notice any problems, let me know. 

A big reason for adding the Feedburner module was so that members with blogs on the site could usse it to track their own feeds. If you make use of that option let me know how it's working out!

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Sex Ed(itorials)

The New York Times had two important editorials in the past three days dealing with important issues of sex and policy.

Today's took up the case, again, of Genarlow Wilson, the young man in Georgia who is still serving time in prison for the consensual oral sex he had when he was 17 with a girl who was two years younger. Specifically, the Times chastises the DA in the case for continuing to focus on the rape that occured at that party (of which Wilson was acquitted) and even circulating the video tape that was made of the rape, as part of his lobbying effort against Genarlow Wilson's release.

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How is SexInThePublicSquare.org related to SexInThePublicSquare.wordpress.com?

I started blogging back in June using Wordpress.com and have generally been very happy there. That's how SexInThePublicSquare.wordpress.com was born. Recently I decided that an expanded site would help create a more vibrant "public square" and so I created SexInThePublicSquare.org. This site has space for threaded forums, member blogs, polls, and collaborative activism. You can still read my original blog on Wordpress, but you can also read in in syndicated form here under the "syndicated blogs" menu. (You'll be missing a lot of the really cool blogroll links, though!)

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