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NCSF Media Update, December 10, 2007

1. Texas town clamps down on home sex club
2. Positive changes
3. AdultFriendFinder settles pop-up adware charges
4. 'Exposing' the Folsom Street Fair

NCSF Media Updates represent a sampling of recent stories printed in US newspapers, magazines, and selected websites containing significant mention of SM-leather-fetish, polyamory, or swing issues and topics.

These stories may be positive, negative, accurate, inaccurate - or anywhere in between.

NCSF publishes the Updates to provide readers a comprehensive look at what media outlets are writing about these topics. NCSF permits and encourages readers to forward these Updates where appropriate.

Texas town clamps down on home sex club
by Paul J. Weber
Chicago Sun-Times
December 9, 2007

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Conversation with Tristan Taormino, creator of the reality-porn series "Chemistry"

Tristan TaorminoWhat timing! Just as Chris was reviewing Rober Jensen's newest anti-porn treatise I was talking with Tristan Taormino about her most recent addition to her "reality porn" series, Chemistry 3 . We thought it would be interesting to expand our discussion of pornography, widening it to include our community here. We'll start with Tristan Taormino and see where we go from there!

To get us started, I emailed Tristan a set of questions, mostly about the making of her newest addition to the Chemsitry series. Those questions and her answers are posted below. Please feel free to leave your own questions and reactions in the comments. She'll be checking in regularly to participate in the conversation.

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What Nerve!

cuddle party photo by Cliph Much as this week's "Sex Advice from..." feature on might make you think otherwise, I have never been to a cuddle party. Nor can I call myself a cuddling enthusiast. I mean, I like cuddling as much as the next person, or at least as much as the next person who likes cuddling, but "enthusiast?" Well, that makes cuddling sound like something one develops a certain skill in, or treats as a hobby of sorts. Me, I just cuddle on the couch rather without technique or style.

Here is what happened:

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Debbie Nathan to be interviewed by Brian Lehrer tomorrow!

"See no evil" photoIn "See no evil, see it everywhere: The cloak of invisibility renders child pornography more terrifying and harder to do anything about," I wrote in support of journalist Debbie Nathan's call for journalists and researchers and the like to have examine exisiting child pornography for the purpose of investigating government claims about the scope of the problem and also for the purpose of examining evidence in criminal cases.

Nathan will be interviewed on the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC tomorrow, November 16, at about 11:40. If you're in the New York City area, tune in to 93.9 FM or AM 820. You can also listen live online at, or click here for a link to the show's web site, where you can hear podcasts of the latest shows.


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Sex Symbols: Condoms Go Bollywood

"I am the condom friend ever useful to you."

Below is a public service announcement encouraging Indians to use Nirodh condoms, a brand distributed by the Indian Department of Family Welfare. As silly and cheesy as it looks, my first thought looking at it is that I wish we could get condom ads this good in the United States.

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God's Latest Hissy Fit

I was waiting for a clearer, sharper intellect than my own to come along and make clear the reasons for the holocaust that's consuming Southern California. First, the hard-hitting journalists told me that it was all a plot by Al Qaeda. Fair enough; that seemed plausible at first, but I couldn't help noticing the lack of smug declarations of responsibility from Osama Bin-Laden. But then, I got it. Who's really responsible for all the bad stuff that happens to this country?


Or, as former-homo-current-closet-case-fundamentalist James Hartline puts it:

They shook their fists at God and said, “We don't care what God says, we will issue our legal brief to support gay marriage in San Diego!” Then Mayor Jerry Sanders mocked the Christian vote and signed off on this rebellious legal document to support same-sex marriage.

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NCSF Media Update - October 15, 2007

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom -- Media Update
October 15, 2007

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"Glamour Photography" Issue Posted Online

Via Boing Boing,  the repository of all that is weird and eccentric on the Internetz, I found this interesting piece of our sexual past: a Russian site that has scanned an entire issue of an old girlie mag from 1957 called Glamour Photography.  It's an enormous site, and if you're not on broadband it's going to take a while for it to load.  Even on broadband, it needs a little patience, but if you like this sort of thing, it's worth giving it a chance.  I love these kinds of artifacts; besides the eroticism, the history of sex is so poorly preserved that every little bit that does get saved is like reading a secret diary, and especially when it's the full thing, not just pictures in a Taschen anthology.  In this particular magazine, as in many of the time, I feel a massive disconnect between th

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