The Business of Sex

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"The Business of Sex" is the title of this year's meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (Eastern and Midcontinent Regions) in St Petersburg, Florida June 5-7. We think it is important that there be representation from all realms of knowledge, theoretical, empirical and experiential, and that there be free dialogue between researchers and practitioners. 

SSSS Eastern & Midcontinent Region Joint Conference
June 5-7, 2009
Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront, St. Petersburg, Florida

"The Business of Sex"
"Sex Sells!" The advertising industry mantra may be extended to include the multi-billion dollar business of sexually explicit materials, services, and aids available in today's marketplace. Sexual commerce spans both legal and extralegal industries and consumers of these products and services are highly diverse. Thus, the 2009 SSSS Eastern and Midcontinent Region Joint Conference theme is The Business of Sex, and meeting plenary and concurrent sessions will focus on the scientific aspects related to The Business of Sex.

The Preliminary Program can be downloaded here, and on-line registration is here. If you are involved in sex work in any way and plan to attend we would love to meet you there. In the mean time, you can contact Elizabeth or Michael or both by email.

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