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Susie Bright's Bathroom Sex Quiz

Go over to Susie Bright's blog and take her Bathroom Sex Quiz. Assuming the elephant on the toilet that graces the post is not just an amazing coincidence, it must be in honor of Bob Allen and Larry Craig.

You know, so they won't feel so lonely.

Oh, and make sure to answer the new poll on our sidebar, in honor of same.


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A new theory of the Republican Closet?

GWB's adventures in the homophobe closet This morning's breakfast and coffee was livened up by an interesting op-ed piece in the opinion section of the New York Times.

And it made me wonder what it must feel like to be a member of the Log Cabin Republicans these days. Do you feel vindicated about being out, seeing the scorn heaped upon your closeted colleagues as they fall out of their garment bags? Do you feel saddened by the wreckage strewn about in their personal and professional lives? Do you feel angry and exasperated by the way these men have consistently pushed policies that have obviously been harmful to themselves as well as well as to so many others? Or do you find yourself just increasingly bewildered and puzzled by the sheer number of staunchly conservative "family values" Republican leaders who seem to be living double lives?

For all those in the bewildered and puzzled category, Gail Collins has a new hypothosis: It isn't the lightening storms and the fear of being the only white man in the bathroom; it isn't the incessent hounding of the press. No, it might just be the sheer stress of being a Republican campaign leader!

After all, it's not just Craig, formerly co-chair of the Romney campaign, we're talking about. Collins reminds us that David Vitter was southern regional chair for the Giuliani campaign, and Bob Allen was head of the Florida branch of McCain's presidential campaign. This leads her to ask:

"Does lending one’s name to a Republican presidential campaign create an irresistible impulse to misbehave? Or is this the sort of job people only undertake when they feel a secret need to do penance?"

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The "Biology v. Choice debate" has no place in a discussion of sexual freedom and civil rights

I'm more than tired of all the uproar over whether sexuality is biologically determined or chosen. Actually, that's not true. I'm frustrated by the denial that sexuality isomplicated than that question would indicate, and the refusal to believe that the answer has no place in a discussion of rights for gays.

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You have no idea who you’re talking to


I put feminist bumper stickers on my asshole neighbor's redneck pickup truck photo

I made a new acquaintance the other day. I had seen her before. She’s a lesbian. We have some of the same friends and we travel in some of the same circles.

One common theme that comes up often in some of these circles is how straight men are assholes. And it’s true that a lot of them are assholes. But not all of them. Straight people. The topic comes up so often in the women’s community. It seems acceptable to complain about the straights. Like it’s a topic we all can agree on. We should all be able to commiserate about how horrible the straight people are. Especially those clueless straight men who just don’t get it.

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Some thoughts on religiosity and sex

According to a Pew Research Center poll on attitudes toward premarital sex 38 percent of adults in the US think that premarital sex is always or almost always wrong (note that the question is framed in terms of heterosexual couples only).

I thought this was odd given that a much smaller percentage of people actually do wait until they are married before having sex, so I poked around in some of the charts. In terms of basic demographics, there are predictable differences between people's attitudes depending on their age group, with older respondents being more likely than younger ones to think that premarital sex is wrong. Other demographic factors that are correlated with a greater likelihood of thinking premarital sex is wrong include income (as income goes up tolerance for premarital sex also goes up) and education (people with more education are less likely to think that premarital sex is wrong), thought the differences are small.

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New Feature: Sex in the News

Many thanks to Viviane of the Sex Carnival for explaining to me how she acquired for her sidebar the ever-updated list of news items on so many sex-related topics! I've adapted it for use here, and you can see a page devoted to "Sex in the News" if you click on the "New Feature: Sex in the News" item that has magically appeared in your navigation menu on the left. (That's the menu with your name attached or, if you're not logged in, that simply says "Navigation".)

It looks like this:


news page screen shot


You can see the list of news topics there near the top under the heading "In the news". (They look like tags.) When you click on one, Google pulls together the most recent stories found using that search term and displays them for you on the page.

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Pink Ghetto Blasters -- A new sort of superhero or a SXSW Panel?

That depends: It will only be a SXSW panel if enough people vote for it, so head over to our SXSW panel picker page and vote! (You'll need to register there to vote, but I promise you it isn't a terrible process, and it's not like you'll have to remember the password for long!)

SXSW (which stands for South By Southwest) is a week-long annual music, film and "emerging technologies" festival that takes place in Austin, TX. The SXSW Interactive festival focuses on the emerging technologies part.

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Viviane212's Flickr Photos of the SitPS "Coming Out" Party

These photos are just a sampling from Viviane's Flickr set. Thanks Viviane!

SitPS Co-founders Chris Hall and Elizabeth Wood with Rachel Kramer Bussel

Me, with co-founder Chris Hall and Rachel Kramer Bussel


Audacia Ray, Lux Nightmare and Rachel Kramer Bussel

Audacia Ray, Lux Nightmare and Rachel Kramer Bussel


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Prenuptial Bliss

Wedding Procession, by Taylor Dundee @ FlickrChandra Marie Schaefer was just sending the groom off to his wedding with one last wild oat to remember (via the AP wire on Lycos, and an article at The Forum in Fargo to which I no longer have access and can’t link). Nathan Ross Blair had apparently carried his bachelor party a bit far, and was reported to police by a friend at about 3:15 AM for flashing a peek above his garters to passing motorists. He was wearing a kilt, and it seems reasonable to assume that the residents of Fargo, ND are now privy to the answer to the age old question of what Scotsmen wear underneath those things.


Ms. Schaefer apparently liked what she saw, as the pair was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and fornication when the police found them near a tree and away from the car where they began their tryst.

Ms. Schaefer pleaded guilty and received a $300 fine and a year of unsupervised probation for her her troubles, while Mr. Blair pleaded not guilty and has a date with the judge on October 16.

No word on whether they will speak to the back-stabbing friend again.

Also no word on whether the bride showed up at the chapel.

From whence came the art:

That photograph is titled Wedding Procession, by Taylor Dundee.

Crossposted at UDoJ .

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Post-Launch Bliss

I'm sleepy and exhiliarated after our "coming out party" last night. It was really amazing to meet so many friends of Sex in the Public Square face-to-face, in one place and at one time! Your enthusiasm for this project was palpable, and I can't wait to see where that energy takes us.

Slowly throughout the day today and tomorrow we'll be getting pictures together, so if you took any you want to share send them along to me at elizabeth at sexinthepublicsquare dot org or drop me a link to your Flickr page or just let me know where to find your shots.

Here are just a few to get you started. They're of our fabulous speakers, who I really can't thank enough for honoring our project by sharing their work. You really did demonstrate all the different kinds of things we want this site to accomplish!


Lux Nigthmare


Lux Nightmare's exploration of the pink ghetto...

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