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We now have a "Member Profiles" page!

Ever wonder who the other folks in the square are? Even the quiet ones who don't post or comment much? Now you can see a list of all the Square's members on the "Member Profiles" page. (You might have noticed the new menu link on the left side of the Public Square menu.)

Of course lots of members haven't made profiles yet, so the page looks a bit sparse. If yours is one of the blank ones, stroll over to your account area and upload an avatar, add some of your interests, tell us what you're passionate about, you know, reveal a bit of yourself! (Oh, and if you're one of the folks whose avatar disappeared in the great avatar heist of several weeks ago, please do re-upload your avatar!)

Can't recall how to edit your profile info? Click here! Want to know why we want members to have profiles? Click here!

And as always, if you have ideas about new info you'd like to see in the profiles, just use the contact form and let us know!

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Democrats vote to increase funding for abstinence-only "education"

I don't know how I missed this item posted on the Advocates for Youth web site last week:

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Tom Paine says we make a difference!

Tom PaineTom Paine, co-author of Polyamourously Perverse (and a member of this site), calls us a blog that makes a difference! Click here to read his description of our site and others that he thinks "make a difference."

A quick correction, though: You don't need to join this site post comments. You do need to join ifyou want to post new forum topics. And of course we encourage you to join because above all we're trying to build community, and communities need members.

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Dr. Don McLeroy's Take On Sex Ed in Texas

Dr. Don McLeroy, Ready to Destroy Education in TexasOn the heels of my post at UDreamOfJanie about anti-science Sunday School Teacher Dr. Don McLeroy being appointed head of the Texas Board of Education, allow me to bring to your attention another of Dr. McLeroy's religiously motivated dangers to education in the Lone Star State.

I'll spare you the awful frames at his homepage this time, and point you directly to his statement on abstinence only Sex Ed.

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Kissing Michelle Vitt

Michelle Vitt, Local Non-KisserMichelle Vitt looks happy enough. She’s pretty in the picture of her in today’s Jacksonville Daily News. Sitting in the Starbuck’s there on Western Blvd., in her Abercrombie T-shirt, pretty smile, lovely cheeks, cell phone and keys on the table next to her frozen coffee drink, you might think she’s just your average American college age girl. But Hope Hodge of the Daily News Staff tells us there’s something very atypical about Michelle that you can’t see in that photograph, or even in person.

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Mitt Romney: Never age-appropriate to talk to 5-year-olds about sex

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney I don't tap into the mainstream media news broadcasts often, but I was in the pizza place last evening and caught a story about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and something about sex ed for kindergartners, so of course I had to pay attention! Here's an ABC News link about the story.

I wonder how many 5-year-olds Mitt Romney has spent much time talking to. Yesterday Mitt Romney attacked Barack Obama, who supports age-appropriate sex ed for all school kids, including kindergartners, saying that it was never age appropriate to talk about sex to 5 year olds.

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Interpreting the new research on child pornography use and child molestation

The New York Times reports today on research that demonstrates a very high correlation between use of child pornography and the actual molesting of children. The Times did a good job of reporting why it is so important to be cautious about interpreting a study like this one. And it also does a good job of reporting on the need for continued research on child molestation.

Because of the tremendous moral panic risks that are attached to publishing anything about htis kind of research I am going to focus entirely on the cautions. There will be lots of voices out there focusing on the tentative conclusions of the study itself, so here lets just focus on the limitations:

1. Remember when thinking about these results that they were produced using only already-incarcerated men convicted of child pornography charges. These men may well not be representative of all people who have ever downloaded or viewed child pornography.

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The good news and bad news about the new teen birth rate data

(Note: This was originally published on my Wordpress blog and was collected here via RSS, but it contained an error which has now been corrected on the original blog and can't be corrected in the RSS version collected here, so I'm republishing it. I've decided to just cross-post all my blog writing so that this RSS problem won't be an issue in the future.)

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Audacia Ray Talks About the Fuckbot Takeover

Violet Blue just did a cool video interview with Audacia Ray about her new book, Naked on the Internet. You can check it out on theAudacia Ray website for Geek Entertainment TV; among other things, Audacia talks about the coming "Fuckbot Takeover." Watch the video if you wanna know that is.

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Bus Passenger Booted for Big Boobs

It sounds like the Germans need to get their bus drivers laid. Or at least they need to get ready for a shitload of harassment suits if this is how they treat their passengers:

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