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Hairspray: "Not Gay," Travolta says

Travolta says "Hairspray" isn't a gay film

No, really. Straight from the horse's mouth.  According to Travolta, the gay activists who are pissed that an advocate of a homophobic religion (Scientology) is playing a gay icon have got it all wrong, because Hairspray isn't about gayness. Seriously. It says so:

"There is nothing gay in this movie," Travolta told the London Times on-line. "I'm not playing a gay man." Besides, the actor insists, Scientology isn't anti-gay, despite numerous reports that it seeks to "cure" homosexuality.

 A dissenting, view, however, may be had from Paul the Spud over at Shakesville:

Hairspray is gayer than a leather daddy singing “I Will Survive” at Karaoke night at The Manhole.

Just shut up and collect your paycheck, Travolta. You’re not worthy to wear Divine’s tits. Go release a thetan and shut the fuck up.

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Contraceptive Comic Books

If Ethan Persoff did not exist, it would be necessary for the Internet to invent him. Perhaps it did. In Joan Harper declares her angst to Ken.any case, Ethan Persoff's website is one of the stranger corners of cyberspace. Persoff is a cartoonist and comics artist, and in addition to showing off his own work, he's archived some really fascinating flotsam and jetsam from the pop-cultural subconcious. Especially interesting is his section of "educational" comics called Comics With Problems. The comics here are the free comics that get passed out to schoolkids or distributed at community centers to addressi social issues like sexual abuse, marijuana, and the medical value of wearing an eye patch. The most recent addition to the archive is a real classic: a comic distributed by Planned Parenthood first in 1956 and then in a revised edition in 1962 titled Escape From FEAR.

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New poll: BDSM roles

There's been a fascinating discussion going on in the BDSM forum. RC asked what people thought of the concept of "anarchist kink," that is, kink that does not follow such orderly rules as kink often does. His first example was BDSM players who switch roles frequently instead of sticking to a "top" or "bottom" role pretty exclusively.

You can check out the forum here.

Meanwhile, I thought it would be interesting to know how people who use this site think of themselves in terms of BDSM roles. So you'll see there's a new poll on the sidebar. Tell us where you fall!

Then, contribute to the forum!  

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NewsFlash: Egypt bans all circumcision of females

The AFP is reporting that Egypt has banned all circumcision for females. This is major news in a country where, despite a past limited ban on the surgeries the vast majority of girls were circumcised anyway.

I'm not entirely clear yet on a key aspect of the ban. The AFP article linked, via Yahoo!, above, contains the following statements which appear to me to conflict:

On Thursday, Health Minister Hatem al-Gabali decided to ban every doctor and member of the medical profession, in public or private establishments, from carrying out a clitoridectomy, a ministry press official told AFP.


Any circumcision "will be viewed as a violation of the law and all contraventions will be punished," said the official, adding that it was a "permanent ban".

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Sex Ed(itorials) in the New York Times!

Two important sex-related editorials this morning:

First, the NYT comments on the need to pass the Safe Harbor For Exploited Youth act in New York. When NY passed its anti-trafficking legislation recently, it neglected to also pass this piece of very important legislation which would offer at least some protection to US citizens under the age of 18 who are being exploited for sex. As I've commented before, while I support most of the intentions of this legislation, there are problems, and these problems are pointed out by the editorial staff at the Times:

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Quickie: No bond for Genarlow Wilson

A quick update from this morning's new York Times on stories we've been following here and on my WordPress blog:

Genarlow Wilson was denied bond in his habeas corpus appeal. The NYT reports in its National Briefings section that "The judge, David Emerson, of Superior Court in Douglas County, ruled that Genarlow Wilson, 21, is not eligible for bail because hew as conficed to aggravated child molestation, a crime that is considered on of the 'seven deadly sins' under Georgia law."

You'll remember that his aggrevated child molestation convicton comes because of an act of consensual oral sex with a 15 year old when he was 17. I'll leave it to JanieBelle to comment on the use of phrases like 'seven deadly sins.'

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Some photos from the 2007 Mermaid Parade

So I'm recovering from yesterday's Coney Island Mermaid Parade and just posted some of Will's photos in our galleries.  In the red menu at the top, click Galleries > Elizabeth's Photos, then select the Mermaid Parade album.

(NOTE: You need to log in to see photo galleries on this site.)

We got there a little late because we were having such a good time getting ready, and so didn't have a great position for taking pictures, but we had a blast all the same. (Sometimes when you're having lots of fun you're just too busy to take pictures!)

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NY Assembly Passes Marriage Equality Bill

Something new to be proud of during Pride Month!

The New York State Assembly voted to approve marriage equality legislation with bipartisan support. This is a first in the country. When MA legalized marriage for same-sex couples it did so through the courts (though the legislature recently protected that decision) and in CA where marriage equality legislation was passed and then vetoed by the governor, not a single Republican voted for the bill. 85 assembly members voted in favor of the legislation, including four Republicans, while 61 voted against. That's the good news.

The bad news, as noted in this article in The Advocate, is that common wisdom holds that the legislation, which would give same-sex couples the same access to marriage that opposite-sex couples have, will be impossible to pass in the Senate, where there is a very slim Republican majority.

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Portland Oregon TriMet Gives Kissing Girls The Boot

Maika and Jocelyn

Two fourteen year old girls were kicked off a public bus in Portland, Oregon because they were kissing, and some nut-job complained. Just to add insult to injury, the driver called them "sickos".

Via Portland TV station KATU:

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State Senators Go To Bat For Genarlow Wilson

Read the full article at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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