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NYC spends $29,000 to arrest a topless woman

This from the AP (sent by Will who saw it on MSNBC and is always generous in sharing “can you believe this madness type stories.)

It seems that despite an appeals court ruling 15 years ago that determined women have the right to be shirtless anywhere men are allowed to be shirtless, the New York City police arrested a woman, Jill Coccaro, (now known as Phoenix Feeley) two years ago for “indecent exposure” when she walked topless in public.

She was held for 12 hours before she was released and told she would not be prosecuted. She claims that during that time she was treated roughly and also taken for a mental health exam.

So if you’re shirtless in public and you’re female you must be crazy?

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Thoughts on Fathers Day

What are you doing for Fathers Day? My partner, a father of five children all adopted or conceived long before I entered the picture, is off sailing for two days on the Schooner Pioneer and enjoying parts of the Clearwater Festival. (Check his blog for an account, probably Tuesday.)

Our fathers and grandfathers have all passed away (my father when I was a child, my partner’s father just a few months ago) but my partner is himself a father and today I thank him for helping to shape the lives of five truly unique and wonderful individuals. I am honored to know them, and glad that they came into my life as adults so that we could develop relationships based on something other than a step-parent/step-child dynamic. (Don’t get me wrong, step-families can be wonderful! I had an amazing step-mother myself for a while, but I’m grateful for having the chance to know these people without the inevitable difficulties that come with any kind of parent/child relationship.)

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No Freakin' Amazon!

This afternoon, I was chatting online with Elizabeth, and somewhere between making lewd, ungentlemanly suggestions and parsing CSS code, I made a policy suggestion about the site. Put succinctly, it was this:

NO Freakin' Amazon links!

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Massachusetts Defeats Anti-Marriage-Equality Amendment

On the AP wire: Lawmakers in the Bay State have tossed out a Constitutional amendment that would have allowed voters to decide whether to bring back the days of state sponsored discrimination against same-sex Americans.

BOSTON (AP) -- Massachusetts lawmakers threw out a proposed constitutional amendment Thursday that would have let voters decide whether to ban gay marriage in the only state that allows it.

The vote - which came amid heavy pressure to kill the measure from Gov. Deval Patrick and legislative leaders - was a devastating blow to efforts to reverse a historic 2003 court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

"Today's vote is not just a victory for marriage equality. It was a victory for equality itself," said Patrick, who had lobbied lawmakers up until the final hours to kill the measure.

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Georgia Gestapo Pays Visit to Genarlow Wilson's "Victim"

The latest details to emerge in the Genarlow Wilson case certainly don't do much for the image of Georgia's Attorney General or his conduct in this travesty.

Apparently, although neither the girl involved with Genarlow nor her mother wished to press any charges under Georgia's Dark-Age-esque anti-sex law, a visit from the AG's office and a threat to the mother's parental rights fixed things in a hurry.

Highlights of the AP story:

ATLANTA (AP) -- The mother of a then-15-year-old girl in a highly publicized teen sex case told a newspaper that the boy involved should not have been criminally charged, but she changed her statement a day later after a visit from prosecutors, the newspaper said Thursday.

Lawyer B.J. Bernstein, who represents the young man, Genarlow Wilson, called the prosecution's visit "pure intimidation."


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America, Behold Thy Future

Constitution Burning

My heart is rather heavy this morning. I actually came across this story last night, but was so depressed by it that I just couldn't bring myself to say what I so badly wanted to say.

The parallels are disheartening in their striking similarity to what would become of this country if we continue down this road we're on. Though I've been slightly encouraged by events that are small indications that the United States is waking up and reversing course, I am by no means comforted by such minor happenings.

As I've said many times, the basic underlying principle of our founding documents is that every American should be allowed to do whatever she wants, so long as she doesn't interfere with any other American's right to do the same. We have strayed so far from that ideal!

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We Know What You Were Doing!

Via the AP wire:

A State Trooper in Washington noticed an SUV on the road that looked like a good bet for a drunk driver. He pulls it over, and upon investigation, finds...

...the driver and his female passenger were naked, with alcohol containers in the vehicle. They apparently had been interrupted in the middle of an intimate act, said Trooper Jeff Merrill, a State Patrol spokesman.

A 19-year-old Seattle man was arrested for investigation of drunken driving, a gross misdemeanor, and investigation of embracing while driving, which Merrill said was a misdemeanor. The 20-year-old Seattle woman was cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol, he said.

The message here? Nekkid and drunk is fine, but nekkid, drunk, and driving is NOT! Make sure you're on foot whilst having drunken sex in the public square!

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Old-School Homophobia

Boys Beware!
A Film by Sid Davis


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Feeds by Feedburner

You'll notice new feed icons on the upper left sidebar. I added a Feedburner module this morning and then burned our feeds over at Feedburner. If you've already subscribed you should be redirected automatically, so don't worry. If you notice any problems, let me know. 

A big reason for adding the Feedburner module was so that members with blogs on the site could usse it to track their own feeds. If you make use of that option let me know how it's working out!

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Perverted News Roundup #3

This edition of the news roundup is devoted to Verizon, who managed to help delay it by dropping my internet connection for about three hours yesterday, and then kept me on the phone for about an hour doing all sorts of useless shit to the computer before realizing that there was an outage in my area. Thanks, guys.

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