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Orientation to bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, topping, bottoming, etc.
1 6 6 years 32 weeks ago
by Elizabeth
Orientation to sexually oriented businesses and commercial sexual transactions
2 8 5 years 19 weeks ago
by Elizabeth
Kinkiness isn't all there is to our lives. How do our sex lives integrate into our whole lives? How much do we compartmentalize? Where do we see connections?
2 9 4 years 13 weeks ago
by Franz Faber
Orientation to exhibitionism, voyeurism, and play parties
2 8 6 years 24 weeks ago
by Elizabeth
Orientation to types of monogamy or polyfidelity
5 31 4 years 30 weeks ago
by Crispy
What is the main purpose of sex in your life?
4 12 4 years 33 weeks ago
by Lou FCD