How this site works

This site works like a combination of a blog and a more formal web site. The "front page" (what you get when you click on "The Public Square" or the header image) will always, in the center column, list the newest content on the site.

Content comes in a variety of forms. There are member blogs, forums, polls, news stories, announcements, reviews, calls for action, and resource lists. (If there are new kinds of content you're interested in, let us know!)

The menus at the top of the page will help you navigate through the site. Several of the main menu items have submenus. This page, for example, comes under the Welcome! menu because it is a page that will be useful mostly to people just joining in for the first time.

  • "Invite a friend" allows you to send an invitation from this site to a person you think would be interested in joining us. Use this as often as you like; the more the merrier.
  • "Calendar" keeps track of interesting events going on around. Events can be added by editors, administrators and regular contributors. If you're a member or a visitor and want to suggest an event, just use the contact form!
  • "The Public Square" is where just about everything else happens. In the Public Square you can read members' blogs (and write your own if you're a member!), you can read syndicated blogs, you can post and respond to forums, create polls, you can add links to relevent web sites or resources, you can review material you think will be of interest to other readers, and you can call for action on issues that you think are important (and join in others' calls for action, too).
  • On the side bars you'll see other kinds of information. On the right hand side you'll see what tags are most popular right now, and you'll see the newest links, and most active forums and comments. On the left you'll also see your account information (or the sign in/sign up box), you'll see who else is online, and, most importantly, you'll see the SPEAK OUT!! box. That's the place to go to look up contact info for your local, state and federal representatives and also for local and national media outlets. If we want to have an impact, we need to speak out!

This is a collaborative community, so if there are features you'd like to see here, or suggestions you'd like to make, please don't be shy!

And please visit FAQ forum if you need more information or have specific questions.