Caution: Accidental Profile Deletion is WAY too easy!

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So, last night I was trying to change the photo on my profile and deleted my entire account instead. (This caused all the content I had created to disappear -- or become disconnected from any user on the site, and so become invisible). I nearly destroyed the site. If you noticed that the site was offline for a while last night, that's why. (Chris has sworn to spank me in public for this, even though I fixed the problem before he got home from the theater, so you might want to plan to attend the launch party!)

Anyway, here's how easy it is to do, and how to avoid doing it:

There are two buttons at the bottom of your profile's "Edit" page. One says "submit" and the other says "delete." Let's say you want to delete the photo you've got there and replace it with another one. Do NOT accidentally or reflexively click "Delete." Always click "submit" for any change you make. And if you look at the page and don't make any changes, of course click "submit" to leave it as it is.

In general, where profiles are concerned, when in doubt: SUBMIT!