Some photos from the 2007 Mermaid Parade

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So I'm recovering from yesterday's Coney Island Mermaid Parade and just posted some of Will's photos in our galleries.  In the red menu at the top, click Galleries > Elizabeth's Photos, then select the Mermaid Parade album.

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We got there a little late because we were having such a good time getting ready, and so didn't have a great position for taking pictures, but we had a blast all the same. (Sometimes when you're having lots of fun you're just too busy to take pictures!)

The parade always has a bit of activism blended in with everything else and this year's parade had a bit more than I've seen in the past because of the intense disagreements about how and if Coney Island ought to be developed. For those of you who've never been, Coney Island has an old-time working class beach + "carnival side show" + free expression zone kind of feel. It's a pretty unique place. The development schemes of Joe Sitt and Thor Equities are likely to turn it into a much more generically mall/condo kind of place. You can see the Gowanus Loung post on the anti-Thor/Sitt element of the parade here.

It's an important debate -- and a complicated one -- because at its core are questions like what do we want our public spaces to look like, what kinds of activities should go on in them, and who do we want to control them? The campaign to develop Coney Island is often framed as a campaign to make it more family friendly, but the Mermaid Parade always demonstrates, Coney Island and its freaky free expression feel is family friendly.