Anarchist Kink

A few days ago, on her blog, the inimitable Mistress Matisse described her and her partner's BDSM play as "anarchist kink," meaning the typical dom/sub hierarchies don't really apply in their play. (Things are different with her clients, I'm sure.) In other words, as she writes, they switch a lot and are very kinky. Later she posted some video of some friends of hers that "take it to another level."

So, what do you think of anarchist kink as a concept? Some would say BDSM is anarchistic by nature, or at minimum subversive, a obvious rebuke to traditional social institutions and mores. Those who try BDSM realize that it's actually incredibly formal, as freaksexual has written, a level of intense formalization that says a lot about power in society and raises interesting questions about consensual power play.

What are the implications of kink that flies the black flag? I don't think Matisse was intending a political statement, btw, but as BDSM players often seem, to me, to reproduce a lot of troubling social constructs (although freaksexual sees in this reproduction progressive and regressive possibilities) in fairly unreflective way, I like the idea of play dedicated to *not* formalizing, to *not* endowing the other with your authority, to *not* seeking the norm and the new master, just like the old master.