What are the positions held by Sex in the Public Square?

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Sex in the Public Square is in the process of becoming a nonprofit corporation. Our main mission is to make space for discussion of sexuality and sex-related issues, and to keep that space open to a wide range of positions. The founders of the corporation don't even agree on everything, of course. That said, there are a few principles that the organization supports:

1. Consensual sex between consenting adults should not be criminalized. This includes commercial sex.

2. Sex is a normal part of human life and accurate information about sex should be accessible to all people regardless of age.

3. Children are sexual beings and their sexuality needs to be honored and allowed to develop in safe and healthy ways. Education about sexuality, including safe-sex practices, should be provided to all children.

4. Exploitation is not okay no matter whether it happens in a sexual setting or a nonsexual setting. We should fight exploitation as much as we can.

5. It is important to be able to hold open, public discussions about sexuality.

6. State policies that concern sexuality, contraception, , disease prevention, treatment and education about human sexuality and contraception, and other sex-related issues should be based on science and logic and not on emotion or faith.

The views expressed on this web site in blogs and forums and comments are the views of a wide variety of users and not the views of Sex in the Public Square.