Spam Prophylactic

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We may want to consider some sort of captcha thing for comments by unregistered users.

I neutered three identical spam comments and sent them to comment oblivion just in the last few hours.

The comments had a subject line of "People" followed by a mass linkage. They were from an unverified commenter whose name was something like "jhbxwmkmef" or some crap.

While searching through the membership roll (where whatever the commenter's name did not appear - I guess that's what "unverified" means?) I noticed quite a few nonsensical member names that smell an awful lot like spammers as well. We'll have to keep an eye on those, and perhaps also implement the captcha rubber for registration, too.

I'll poke around the web and see if I can locate some sort of quality module.

What the heck is the name of the software we're using here again?