Tom Paine says we make a difference!

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Tom PaineTom Paine, co-author of Polyamourously Perverse (and a member of this site), calls us a blog that makes a difference! Click here to read his description of our site and others that he thinks "make a difference."

A quick correction, though: You don't need to join this site post comments. You do need to join ifyou want to post new forum topics. And of course we encourage you to join because above all we're trying to build community, and communities need members.

Speaking of needing members: We'd love members who live in places outside New York City to help add events to the calendar. If you don't have calendar access and would like to have it, drop me a note through the contact form. And if you think you'd like to write your own blog or column on the site, let us know that using the contact form too and we can discuss the possibilities!

Thanks, Tom!