no sex leads to less sex?


No Sex Leads To Less Sex, Research Shows

Feeling stressed? Taking on lots of new commitments? If you answered yes to those two questions, you may need to take a close look at your love life, according to a team of German researchers.


Appearing neither stressed nor over-worked, these people seem to support Beer's theory.

Appearing neither stressed nor over-worked, these people seem to support Beer's theory.

That sex reduces stress -- or that no sex increases stress -- is hardly a new observation. A team of German researchers, though, is arguing that sexual frustration is a complex phenomenon not to be underestimated. It can precipitate a downward spiral, pulling couples helplessly and unbeknownst into a swirling vortex of all work and no nookie.

Ragnar Beer of the University of Göttingen surveyed almost 32,000 men and women for his Theratalk Project, which has found that the less sex you have, the more work you seek. Indeed, the sexually deprived have to find outlets for their frustrations: they often take on more commitments and work.

i found this article on a blog with the title

Study: Couple’s Who Don’t Have Sex End Up Hating Each Other

i don't think that is exactly what the researchers are implying, but i do think it supports what most of us would follow as a logical conclusion to couples that are stressed/unhappy and allow that to negatively impact their relationship. the result being that if the amount of sex a couple has currently is decreased, it will only diminish in the future if they don't take action to improve their relationship.

i know a few couples (as i'm sure we all do) that have just given up on sex and live together as brother and sister. that's fine if it works for both of them, but usually a lot of resentment builds up and one feels the need to look elswhere.

any thoughts?