Cover Thy Ass - at all costs

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OK - Let's not get all that excited. I wrote COVER not COVET. So take a deep breath, calm down, and enjoy the post. An article cross-posted on the CNN/Time websites provides some fascinating insight into why our poor, misunderstood leader, GW, has gone to the mattresses in support of his AG when he was willing to trash other sympathetic members of his inner circle. And since his anointed AG has a direct influence on all of us here and our ability to live our lives and express our sexuality in the manner we find most appropriate, I think its a good read for everyone.

Personally, while I understand and agree with the story and its reasoning, I believe he keeps him around as much for the fact that his initials and job title are indentical which makes it SO much easier for him to remember who he is and what function he fills.

There was a bumper sticker I heard about recently which I thought was priceless. It read 'Some small town in Texas is missing their village idiot'.

Nuff said. Here's the link to the article.,8599,1649013,00.html?xid=feed-cnn-topics