"Glamour Photography" Issue Posted Online

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Via Boing Boing,  the repository of all that is weird and eccentric on the Internetz, I found this interesting piece of our sexual past: a Russian site that has scanned an entire issue of an old girlie mag from 1957 called Glamour Photography.  It's an enormous site, and if you're not on broadband it's going to take a while for it to load.  Even on broadband, it needs a little patience, but if you like this sort of thing, it's worth giving it a chance.  I love these kinds of artifacts; besides the eroticism, the history of sex is so poorly preserved that every little bit that does get saved is like reading a secret diary, and especially when it's the full thing, not just pictures in a Taschen anthology.  In this particular magazine, as in many of the time, I feel a massive disconnect between the pictures and the text: the photos are hot and playful, and have a charm that is almost entirely lacking in anything that comes out of Porn Valley.  On the other hand, the text is a complete downer, a narrative about three crass photographers traveling the country to shoot "dames" written in a prose style that's reminiscent of a Mickey Spillane novel as written by the guy that Eric Idle portrays in the famous "Nudge, Nudge" sketch.  In other words, it's a perfect example of America's love/hate relationship with its sexual urges.