End the Global Gag Rule for Good!

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Wome's health clinic in Tanzania

A few days ago JanieBelle wrote about the Senate vote that would end the global gag rule if it isn't vetoed. A veto is a very real possibility, though. And before the President even has a chance to veto the bill, it has to get through a reconciliation conference with the House. NARAL Pro-Choice America is calling for 50,000 people to write to Congress to make sure that the gag rule repeal stays in the bill that goes to the President. That'll also help build a good base to organize an override of the veto if it becomes necessary.

The "global gag rule" essentially prevents any US aid money from going to foreign clinics or organizations that provide information about abortion as an option, or that provide abortions, even if the clinics or agencies use only their own money to provide those services and even f those services are perfectly legal where the agencies are located. Because of this rule, clinics and organizations in poor countries. are bound to either reject US aid, or deny women medical care.

Click here for the NARAL Pro-Choice America call for action, or use the "Speak Out!" link on the left to get contact info for your senators and representatives and let them know what you think.


Photo Women's Health Care Clinic, captioned, "Waiting extremely patiently for prenatal care, family planning, and basic OB-GYN services," by Advencap and found on Flickr. Licenced using Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence.