Perverted News Roundup

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Review of Shortbus DVD (Clean Sheets): Clean Sheets reviews John Cameron Mitchell's followup to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a sex-positive and sex-realistic drama about relationships in NYC.

Revenge of the World Bank Secretaries (Alternet): Susie Bright takes a look at the latest sexual pecadillo within the Neocons; Paul Wolfowitz, the married, hawkish Zionist who heads the World Bank, is facing calls for his resignation because of his affair with an employee, a Saudi woman named Shaha Riza whose salary got a big boost from $132,660 to $193,590 per year thanks to her relationship with the boss.  Shit. For that kind of money, I'd do Wolfowitz.

How the Web Became a Sexist's Paradise (Alternet): Jessica Valenti gives a good summation of how blithely misogyny is accepted in Internet culture these days, using the recent issue of Kathy Sierra's intimidation via internet death threats as an example.



Spanking fetishes make men happier ( Okay. Here's a headline I won't get to repeat too often, so I'm gonna leap at the opportunity. The University of New South Wales just released a study that surveyed 20,000 Australians by phone and found that 2% of the men and 1.4% of the women had engaged in BDSM practices in the past year, although they expect the number would be higher if it weren't referred to as "BDSM." Further, they not only found that people into kinky practices were no more likely to have abusive sexual histories than vanilla people, but that "men into BDSM scored significantly better on a scale of psychological wellbeing than other men." Glory be.

Heels are the World's Number One Fetish (The Independent):  More for the statistics junkies out there: a global survey of fetishes by the University of Bologna shows 47 percent of the subjects were turned on by feet and toes, and 64 percent are turned on by footwear. Even more interesting is that they managed to come up with 150 people who got hot and sweaty from hearing aids, and 2 who fetishized pacemakers.

The Prospect of All-Female Conception (Belfast Telegraph): Remember that children's book that pissed off all the Christers and 'phobes a few years back, Heather Has Two Mommies? Well, it might wind up being biologically true, as well as socially. Scientists are now looking at the possibility of creating sperm from the bone marrow of women.

The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body (Alternet):  Courtney E. Martin's new book Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters is excerpted on Alternet; she talks about how beauty (and especially thinness) is not only an aesthetic but a moral drive for many women.

Is Abstinence-Only Sex Education Too Explicit? (Jon Swift, via Avedon Carol):  Jon Swift, a right-wing descendant of the author of such classics as A Modest Proposal and Gulliver's Travels asks the question that's been on the mind of everyone who gets their news from Fox and their sex advice from celibate drag queens.

Jenna Jameson Weighs Less Than 90 Pounds (SugarBank):  The title says it all. The pictures of Jenna that have been popping up on the net lately have just been horrifying. Some people will no doubt try to blame it all on the porn lifestyle, but as Courtney Martin's article above shows, it's actually a symptom of a much deeper societal problem.