She Should Run

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Last night at my blog UDreamOfJanie I got this comment, from Joey Appley-Epstein:

Hi Janie Belle,
My name is Joey Appley-Epstein, and I’m writing to you on behalf of a project by the Women’s Campaign Forum called “She Should Run.” The goal of the project is to encourage both women and men to nominate inspiring pro-choice women to run for office — in every type of election from school boards to the United States Senate. So far, the project has collected 800 nominations and because of the positive feedback and response, we’ve decided to make a final push to 1,000 total nominations.

For this final push, we have decided to reach out to online communities for their help. The project focuses on the encouragement, empowerment, and election of pro-choice women. As you yourself are pro-choice I thought you might be interested in taking action for this movement. To reach our goal of 1,000, it certainly is going to be a community effort and we would really appreciate your help in discussing this special project before it concludes.

The greatest part of this project is that it’s the real thing, too, and not a superficial exercise by any stretch of the imagination. As the nominations have come in, the WCF has been following up to make sure these women receive the support and resources they need to run. They’re even planning their first training session with women who have been encouraged to run as a direct result of this project.

With that, here are some resources on the project:
1) The She Should Run website:
2) A video overview of the She Should Run project:
3) A great video by Congresswoman/Fellow Mom Debbie Wasserman Schultz on She Should Run, encouragement, and running for office:

Obviously, this isn’t a one-sided e-mail. As this project is all about participation, please send me any comments or questions that you have, and I’ll be sure to get them answered as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.
- Joey

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, Joey. I'll be passing the word around, and there are several pro-choice women that I think would be outstanding in office. (Elizabeth Wood, I'm looking right at YOU.)