NYU's Queer Union presents "Beyond Marriage: How Family Politics are Racialized, Sexualized, and Gendered"

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How Family Politics are Racialized, Sexualized and Gendered


For decades, the discourse of family values has been used to shame women on welfare, people of color and queers.  Join LUCHA, Gentleman of Quality, and Queer Union for a panel presentation and discussion on how we can unite to reject--rather than reinforce--this hateful discourse.


Tamara Joachim, Student Leader, Welfare Rights Initiative

Joseph DeFilippis, Executive Director, Queers for Economic Justice


Terry Boggis, Director of Center Kids, LGBT Community Center


Kenyon Farrow, Writer and Activist, Author of "Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?"


Benita Miller, BK Young Mother's Collective


Nathaly Rubio-Torio, Voces Latinas


Dinner will be served!


5 PM Monday, November

King Juan Carlos Center

53 Washington Square South