Bill O'Reilly: straight teens don't have any sexuality to flaunt

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I can't tell you how much it angers me that people who claim to care about the dangers faced by gender non-conforming teens contribute to that danger by insisting that the closet is the only source of safety and by spouting the kind of rhetoric that endangers the teens in the first place.

(Transcript here.)

So, two young women at an Illinois high school were voted "cutest couple" by their peers. The students should be applauded for treating this couple like all the other couples at the school. And bravo for the two young women for having the courage to be out at school.

First, of all, it is imporant to realize that this does not seem to be a big issue at the school. I have not been able to find a story about a mass of parents up in arms over this. In fact, the only controversy apparently stems from the fact that the mother of one of the girls objected at first. The school decided to defuse the issue by putting the couple's photo amid photos of five runner-up opposite-sex couples. So it is important to remind ourselves that there is no real controversy at the school. People there seem basically okay.

Back to the video: O'Reilly wants Dr. Berman to recognize that people who are homophobic have legitimate reasons for bieng so. He claims these reasons include the fact that gay teens are treated harshly by society, that some parents have religious objections to homosexual behavior, and that it is inappropriate for teen sexuality to be recognized at school.

Berman does a masterful job of staying calm in the face of O'Reilly's bluster and she holds the sensible line that straight teens have sexuality just like gay teens do. But O'Reilly isn't having it. The lesbians should have just pretended to be "just friends" because their sexuality is a private matter.

So I guess the straight couples whose photos surround them don't have to pretend to be "just friends" because everybody must know that straight kids don't have any sexuality to flaunt.

Or something.