Front Page Content

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I'm starting to wonder whether it makes sense to have new forum posts show up in the center column of the front page. For one thing, they can be made to show up in the side bar blocks and might not need to be in both places. 

What kind of content do you think belongs in the center column of the front page? Should forum posts go there or not? What about new web links? What about other kinds of content (book reviews, member blog entries).

And then, that raises a different question: What do you think of the Syndicated Blog thing? It seems impossible to promote any of those items to the front page. I'm thinking that with my own blog, I might just "cross post" my entries here and on wordpress. To get other people's blog content onto our front page we'd have to make entries for it ourselves (much like other blogs do when cross posting stuff). What do you think is better?

And speaking of syndicating blogs: I changed the heading font size for those blogs and I like the look. I haven't done that for any other areas yet. What do others think?