a candle light vigil to remember the forgotten

i know this is terribly late as the event is tomorrow and there are very few people who will actually be in london on such short notice but i'm just trying to hold up my side of the pond!!


A Candlelight Vigil to Remember the Forgotten
12th of December, 6:30 pm

St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London W1 MAP
Tickets are set at a minimum donation of £20

Every year we work with hundreds of survivors of genocide, torture, trafficking and rape. By listening to the voices of survivors, we acknowledge what they have been through and support their recovery in a place where they can feel safe.

However, there are many others who are still at risk. They endure daily hardships and cruelty with little hope of respite. They remain trapped in situations of sexual and labour exploitation, or locked away facing removal to countries where their human rights will be violated yet again. Their journey is not over. They are often invisible to society. They are the living disappeared. This Vigil is our way of bearing witness to those who have not reached a place of refuge. We must stand in solidarity with the victims, and with those of us who are committed to sending a clear message - you will not be forgotten.