The Matter Of Gender Specific Education

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In Separate Or Not , a teacher discusses the "completely contrary to feminist thought" concept of same-sex education (or, if you prefer, separation of genders in classrooms).

Her personal experiences lead her to conclude:

As for someone who fought for gender equality I am willing to be politically incorrect in firmly stating my belief that based on the reasons above, students should be separated in classrooms to facilitate their learning. Is it time for the “fad” for separation of students to return? I think so.

Matters of gender identity aside (for that's too complicated a matter for me to contemplate at this wee hour), I am inclined to agree. Somewhat.

As a graduate of an all-women's college, I certainly benefited from the women-only atmosphere. We were free from (perceived or real) the attacks on our way of processeing and thinking.

For example, the safe male-free zone meant we were able to raise our hands and admit how many of us were raped, abused, assaulted etc., and add our experiences of such things to discussion of crime, victim protection and the inaccurate numbers officials report of such events. How many women would admit such things in mixed company? (That's supposed to be a rhetorical question. But for the thick-headed, let me spell it out. Very few would announce such things in mixed company; for victims do not want to be labeled as such, creating an advertising opportunity for sickos.)

However, as I commented , other experiences and the plain old-fact that we are not living in (nor desire to live in) a gender-separated society poses questions, such as when to separate and when to mingle. Are there specific ages, or topics, which lend themselves more to separate education situations?

Of course, some of you may completely disagree with any separation at all...

I look forward to your answers.

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