FCC: Men's butts are not sexual but women's are!

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nearly naked male mannakin This story about the FCC planning to fine ABC 1.4 million dollars over a shot of naked female buttocks on NYPD Blue back in 2003 is all over the net this morning.

The best comment I've seen about it so far is by Auguste at Pandagon. He writes:


...if I’m not mistaken, we’re still waiting for the first fine for an NYPD Blue male ass. And you couldn’t go five minutes in the first few seasons without seeing one of those.
The FCC's "indecency" rules prohibit certain images including those that depict sexual or excretory acts or organs from being broadcast between certain hours of the day (basically daytime and primetime hours). So it would seem that, at least according to the FCC, men's asses just aren't sexy.



I'm leaving the excretory inferences alone for now.

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