Getting A break On A Tank Of Gas

A gas station attendant was fired from a Mid-Western gas station for giving away a full tank of gas in exchange for oral sex. After making the deal with a female motorist they both entered the rest room. This practice went on for many months until a company accountant noticed an error. The employee confessed to having oral sex with over two hundred women until he was caught. The president of the company refused to press charges because he said he did the same thing when starting out as a gas station attendant.

The temptation of employees to give away merchandise or services in exchange for a quickie is too powerful for many of them to resist. Thousands of otherwise honest workers have lost their jobs after discovered having illegal sex with a customer. The sex was paid for by merchandise owned by their boss. It is estimated that the costs to retail stores is over a hundred million dollars annually because of employees giving away merchandise or services in exchange for sex. In order to slow down this practice retail stores have hired security agencies staffed with attractive female private investigators. They test the honesty and sexual restraint of an employee by offering oral sex. Hundreds of horny employees were tricked into giving away the store. The owners of the companies were shocked by so many of their best men being disloyal and dishonest.

The employee that suggests an exchange of merchandise or services that doesn’t belong to him in exchange for sex is clearly guilty. He should be immediately discharged. But the real guilty one is the woman that offers a quickie for something the employee doesn’t own. She is breaking down the will of an otherwise honest worker. In this situation the worker that agrees to that sexual offer should not be fired but offered a sexual rehabilitation program.

In the Garden Of Eden a man and woman were unable to restrain themselves. This flaw in human nature has created a big problem in the retail industry and there is little chance of solving it. Part of the solution has to come from a woman who suggests that a man should compromise his job in exchange for sex. That woman is taking advantage of the flaw in a mans personality. But the gas station attendant that offers a woman driver a full tank of gas in exchange for oral sex is just as guilty. The problem comes from the fact that women were wired to sell sex and men to pay for it. Until it is changed, there is little chance of keeping a man or woman from making a dishonest deal for a quickie.