Can you donate a box of condoms for sex workers in Chile?

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Maybe you've been reading about the antiprostitution pledge that the US requires international organizations to sign if they want to receive USAID money to help fund their public health programs. Or maybe watched the Taking the Pledge video that I posted here (or perhaps you saw it on the Sex Workers Project web site) and it left you wanting to do something to help. The people at Project Prosper felt the same way when they saw the video and they did decide to do something. They created Pledging Action as a way to raise money and collect condoms that could be sent directly to organizations that help sex workers protect themselves.

And they need more condoms. Can you send them a box of condoms or a cash donation to help them with shipping?


Where will the condoms go?

Right now they are working with two organizations in Chile and they hope to expand their effort.

Angela Lina

Angela Lina is named after a sex worker who was killed by a truck driver nearly 20 years ago. It is a national workers’ association, or a labor union. The official name of the organization is “Sindicato Nacional Independiente de trabajadoras Angela Lina”, which would translate to something like “National Independant workers’ labor union Angela Lina”. Still, even though they’re part of a much larger organization, condoms are expensive and increasingly difficult to obtain. There’s also a need for health education for sex workers.


The name actually means margin because the idea is to work with marginalized people. Their focus is sex workers, particularly the ones who work on the streets. This is a tiny organization even though they reach a lot of sex workers. Their need is particularly great.

Want to know more about "the pledge"? Click here for a great resource list on the Pledging Action blog.