Quick update from SXSW

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It's Sunday and while there's wireless everywhere this is the first time I've been able to collect my thoughts long enough to post a quick update. SXSW is fascinating, super-busy and a bit overwhelming.

Yesterday Lux and I led our core conversation on Pink Ghetto Blasting. It was well received, the people who attended represented a really broad range of involvement in sexual content online (from producers of sexual content to people who just only browse it occasionally but who care deeply about sexuality and reducing sexual stigma). Melissa Gira Grant was there for Valleywag and gave us a shout out here. Melissa, it was great to meet you there! Thanks so much for all your encouragement about the sex work, trafficking and human rights forum last week.

I also saw a very cool documentary about bisexuality, "Bi the way," directed by Brittney Blockman and Josephine Decker. To be honest, I didn't expect it to be great. I've been pretty disappointed before about the way bisexuality has been treated. But these three young filmmakers did a fantastic job of revealing the personal experiences of bisexual people all across the country. They looked at experiences of men and of women, of teens and of adults, and of people in cities and in rural areas. A quick comment about the rural areas: The filmmakers didn't shy away from revealing the degree of poverty that exists in much of the country. It wasn't the focus of the film so they didn't comment on it of course, but the fact that they didn't shy away from it by keeping to only middle class suburbs is much to their credit.

I've had fabulous conversations with Cory Silverberg, met lots of wonderful people, and will write more soon. (Look for updates about the panels on the Porn Police, and on Sexual Privacy Online - thanks to Lisa Vanderver and Violet Blue).

Just now though the session on Social Strategies for Revolutionaries is about to start. Can't miss that! It's being led by Charlene Li, author of Groundswell.