Goodbye to Tucker

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So, it seems that it's official. My favorite fag-bashing fratboy media figure is no more. He's not actually going to die of a fatal disease. It's even worse; Tucker Carlson has had his television series taken away.

I'm not even going to pretend to be intelligent or balanced on this point: Tucker Carlson is a prick. Not because he's a Republican, or because of his trademark affectation of wearing a bow tie  (which ended shortly after being masterfully mocked by Jon Stewart). Nor is it because he's a media pundit. All those are good indicators of prickishness, of course, but Carlson mixes hateful bigotry with smug pride in not being one of the peasants who has to worry about making rent, getting bashed by homophobes, or being raped. Even without his television show, Tucker has nothing to worry about; the worst this is is a blow to his pride.  His career has been entirely dependent on the fact that he feels completely secure in his ability to make bigoted, nasty remarks without fear of consequences while flattering his audience of privileged white guys that they just don't have enough power. To listen to Carlson, you would think that the peasants were already nailing up the guillotines in the town square while feminists sharpen their knives to castrate every male within reach.

The quote I most immediately associate with Carlson, the one that should have ended his career immediately, is from the August 28, 2007 edition of MSNBC Live,  where he bragged about having beaten a gay man who came on to him in a public restroom:

On the August 28 edition of MSNBC Live, hosted by MSNBC general manager Dan Abrams, Tucker Carlson, host of MSNBC's Tucker, asserted, "Having sex in a public men's room is outrageous. It's also really common. I've been bothered in men's rooms." Carlson continued, "I've been bothered in Georgetown Park," in Washington, D.C., "when I was in high school." When Abrams asked how Carlson responded to being "bothered," Carlson asserted, "I went back with someone I knew and grabbed the guy by the -- you know, and grabbed him, and ... hit him against the stall with his head, actually."

That's pretty typical of Carlson. Gender fear is one of his trademarks. Like Chris "Tweety" Matthews, he's characterized Hillary Clinton as a ballbuster and castrator, and memorably dissed Barack Obama as effeminate because his campaign established book clubs. According to Carlson, "[E]verybody knows that a book club is no place for a man."

So goodbye to Tucker. We can only hope that this means that people are tiring of his brand of old-world privilege and paranoia and want something more relevant to the way they really live their lives.