Where are the guys? Men's concerns in porn & sex work.

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I recently sent an e-mail to Elizabeth about some subjects I was interested in. I must admit I'm learning all the "in's & out's" (yeah a pun is sort of intended there, however cheesy it may be! ha!) of porn, commercial sex industry. For the longest time, I've been only a voyeur. I still am, but I'm interested in the "behind the scenes" sort of stuff now. I notice the MAJORITY of "behind the scenes" conversations about porn, prostitution, sex work in general, revolve around the women... well, WHERE ARE THE GUYS???

Where are the feminist men in porn? Are there any?

What about the messages we receive about men from porn? Is it REALLY all down to "how big is your dick?" and "can you keep it hard for 2 hours? and cum on command?" How many men's REAL sexual lives are portrayed in porn? Not many I would bet. Is there porn where the guys are just good looking, having fun, not just there for their dicks & cumming capabilities?

Why are the men paid so much less than the women in porn?

Is it really all about the bottom line that (straight) women don't watch that much porn, so no concern is paid to the male performers, as the guys watching porn don't care?

Are these just pointless questions I'm asking?