Sex 2.0 interview is up

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Cory Silverberg asked me some damn good questions about Sex 2.0, and the interview is now up at An excerpt:

On your website you describe Sex 2.0 as focusing on “the intersection of social media, feminism, and sexuality.” What does that mean exactly?

I hate to give an obtuse answer, but the truth is, what it means will be different for each individual. That’s why I’m excited that we have such a diverse group of people participating; everyone will get to offer their own perspective on how these things intersect in their own lives. Attendees can expect, first of all, not to be just passive attendees! Everyone is a participant at Sex 2.0. The focus is on interaction and discussion, rather than sitting back while “experts” talk at you. One of the fundamental concepts here is that everyone has things to teach and to learn. We have sessions scheduled on topics ranging from erotic writing to queer identity online to the effects the internet has had on the escorting industry, and much, much more!

Read the whole thing here.

Thanks, Cory!