Vigil for Sanesha Stewart

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Sanesha Stewart, a young black transwoman in the Bronx was murdered in her apartment on Saturday, February 9th. You can read about her story at Feministe and New York Blade. Meanwhile, I just received this message from Queers For Economic Justice organizer Reggie Gossett, announcing a vigil to be held in Stewart's memory:

~~~Join Family, Friends and Community Members Saturday, April 5 for a Community Vigil to Honor the Memory and Celebrate the Life of Sanesha Stewart~~~

A message from QEJ's welfare organizer, Reggie Gossett:

As many of you know Sanesha Stewart, a trans woman, was killed in the
Bronx last month. A group of us from Sylvia Rivera Law Project,
Critical Resistance Freedom School, Queers for Economic Justice, the
Audre Lorde Project, NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project & Bronx Community
Pride Center have been planning a vigil to honor her memory, celebrate her
life and heal from the overwhelming violence against lesbian, gay,
bisexual and particularly transgender and gender non conforming people
thats been happening as of late.

The vigil will be this Saturday at the Bronx Community Pride Center at
1 PM (see below for directions). It would both be a powerful message and
mean a lot to all of us if each of you could attend the vigil as well
as forward the email below & attached flyer to your people.

If people are interested in doing more to support please let me know,
I'm currently looking for folks to help out with an art piece
(probably canvas) which we'll collectively add to.



For more information call: 718-292-4368 or 1-866-4GAYCARE