Do I really need an account? Do I really need to log in?

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You don't need an account if what you really want to do is just read everything that gets posted on the site and leave comments on that material. (Your comments will be held for moderation to avoid any spam comments of course.) However, if you want to have a more active role in shaping the agenda of the site, you'll need to be logged in.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a member of the site:

For one thing, accounts come with the ability to make and search profiles of other members. In other words, you can get to know each other better.

This is a collaborative space, and members have more say in setting the agenda. Members can create new forum topics, and can post "Take Action!" items, book reviews, polls and new web links.

If you are a member and you contribute regularly in a way that helps develop this community, you will be offered "regular contributor" status, which will get you a blog on the site, and the ability to post events and other kinds of updates, information, or newsy things on the front page.

Our goal here is to build community, and specifically to build the kind of community where discussions of sex as it affects all areas of our lives are held openly, freely, and in ways that move offline and improve the quality of our face-to-face communities too. So while we welcome all visitors, we'd love to have you become a member and a regular contributor to our public square.

One last thing: membership is completely free and the only real personal information you need to provide to get an account is an email address whereyour initial password and instructions can be sent. That means you can become a member and remain anonymous. (Some members of our community use different names in different parts of their lives, so this is important to us.)

And of course if you have suggestions, please let us know!