Tag-Teaming Richard Dawkins and P.Z. Myers

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A note to Amber C-F: there's pretty much nothing hotter than a woman exclaiming that the idea of fucking two of the great popular biologists and atheist thinkers of our time makes her wet. My own nerd fetishes are well-known, so I can only envy P.Z. and the esteemed Dr. Dawkins and wish you luck. Apparently P.Z. Myers has already taken note of this little video lust letter, so you at least have a shot.

But seriously, what I really enjoy about this video is that it really ties into my fascination with the diversity of people's sexual fantasy lives, and how radically they diverge from the prefab fantasies that we're told should represent "normal" sexuality. It's big tits and big cocks all the way in our day-to-day conversations, and very little outside of that is even acknowledged. The first comment on this video at the site is very telling: "well, that google image search did not return the sort of beaus I was expecting. Whatever floats your boat." It's immediately dismissive: Myers and Dawkins look like middle-aged/elderly college professors, and both qualities are supposed to remove them from the realm of sexual desire, and especially from the desires of 22-year-old women. People over forty aren't sexual; intellectuals certainly aren't.

But without a doubt, Amber's bit in this video is one of the hottest things I've seen on the Internet, and that includes all those girl-on-girl videos that keep coming up in my StumbleUpon links. She's obviously thought this out, and is so rapturous and brimming with enthusiasm about the idea that I really thought she was going to come right there on camera.

The video above is an outtake from a longer, 10-minute video on fantasies, which they've put up right here. Kudos to the whole Beautiful Flower and Penis Show, because even if it's a little rough around the edges production-wise, the stuff I've watched so far is honest and shameless and does a good job of bringing the sex lives of young people out of the closet without senselessly dressing it up in bullshit.