Comstockery in the 21st Century

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If we can thank Anthony Comstock, founder of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice and famed censor, for nothing else, there is this: much of what we know about the sexual subcultures of 19th-century New York is thanks to the efforts of Comstock. Much of the Society's intelligence on the moral depravity of the time came from the personal efforts of Comstock, who went to the fleshpots of the city himself to observe the offenses to common decency and recorded them in meticulous detail to be included in the Society's reports. For this, at least, we can thank him, and perhaps advocate that he be let out of whatever hellpit he's roasting in now, for a few seconds each millenia.

But with the Internet and cell phones and laptop computers and Twitter and blogs and queers and perverts who are no longer going to sit in the shadows without speaking for themselves, Comstock's efforts are redundant, so it's hard to find any similar kind of redemption in the efforts of Peter LaBarbera, the President and founder of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. Every year, LaBarbera attends the International Mr. Leather Conference to report back and "expose [its] wickedness to the public." Every YEAR. He seems to be especially fascinated by the urination fetish materials.

Since I haven't gotten tied up and beaten by anyone lately, I have to indulge my masochistic tendencies somehow, and so I listened to the entire sixteen minutes and nineteen seconds of the Concerned Women of America's interview with LaBarbera. Some of the high points:

Pete LaBarbera: It says in the Bible, "They invent new ways of doing evil," and I actually saw pornography of men urinating in and on other men. It's one of the fetishes they talk about, fetish being perverse sexual thing that people are into, and one of them is urination. It gets that weird, Matt, and that was all over the place there.

Pete LaBarbera: We have to convey this to the public, this is sodomy on steroids. This is homosexual perversion at its very worst. And they actually had pig sex. They had pig sex advocates, pig sex being these orgies, these just unimaginable orgies, including this thing we were just talking about called watersports, where they actually get some kind of pleasure out of urinating on one another, and in, and et cetera, and to me, it's proof of Satan. I mean, this is Satanic in extreme. But these guys are engaging in this behavior in the rooms, they actually have these orgies in the rooms, and then presumably mom and dad Johnson come from St. Louis to stay at the Hyatt Regency, they're all excited, who knows what was going on in that room just the weekend before.

Interviewer: The big question I have for the Hyatt Regency.... We know -- the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, the CDC, have illustrated conclusively that men who engage in these kinds of behaviors, men who have sex with men, have astronomically higher rates of HIV, of AIDS, of syphillis, and the statistics are just overwhelming, they're not even in the same ball park with their heterosexual counterparts. I wanna know what the Hyatt Regency is doing to disinfect these rooms full of various body fluids after these events are occurring, and I know this is disgusting and hard to talk about, but this is a reality, and I think people need to ask these questions, don't you think, Pete?

Pete LaBarbera: Absolutely, Matt. And I think the double game needs to end. We know how it works. You have these hotels like the Hyatt Regency Chicago, they profit off of perversion, they allow these people who are into consensual sexual violence to take their hotel over for three days.... But they host these perverse events, they make money off the homosexual perversion lobby, and then the next day, they try to clean everything up, and they don't want anyone to know. And what we want to say is, look, would you ever stay in a hotel room, Matt, where there was watersports going on, where men were involved in an orgy in which they were urinating on each other? Would you ever want to stay in that hotel room, or that hotel, period, again?

Interviewer: Of course not.

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