Sex Ed(itorials) in the New York Times

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Two sex-oriented op-ed pieces in one weekend!

On Saturday Atul Gawande wrote about how we as individualas and communities need to take greater "do it yourself" responsibility for creating an environment in which people can educate themselves about contraception , pregnancy, and talk openly about their own sexual practices. Click here to read my discussion of his piece.

Today, Sunday, Dalton Conley wrote about allowing all adults to confer the kinds of rights currently reserved for "spouses" on other adults in their lives. For example, Conley suggests that each adult citizen could sponsor one other adult to the US, or designate another adult as a person who is protected from having to testify against him or her. Imagine if we could separate out all the rights that are currently given based on marriage and then parcel them out to different adults in our lives! I'm intrigued by the idea yet shudder at the thought of the great increase in bureaucracy and lawyers fees!